Android 360 Camera Reviews, Specification & How to Order?

360 Camera

The camera has long been a companion to capture memorable moments and a way to relive that experience. There are different types of cameras which can be used depending on a particular situation. One such camera is the 360-degree camera which can capture the whole surrounding environment. The 360 panoramic camera has been a remarkable success among individuals of all walks of life. With the launch of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), these cameras are growing in demand to not just capture gameplay but also each minute of action. Fortunately, I would like to introduce you to Android 360 Camera which could help you explore and capture your world. You might be able to turn your Android smartphone into a full virtual reality (VR) camera with Android 360 Camera. This camera gadget has been manufactured by HypersTech.

360 Camera

What is Android 360 Camera?

With this 360-degree camera, you might be carrying the ability to capture virtual reality world in your pocket. It can easily be used by attaching to your smartphone and start capturing your moments. There are many camera enthusiasts who are always looking for the best gadgets to capture their live action and their voice. This is where Android 360 Camera comes to be handy which not only help to record each moment and also allow the ability to immerse oneself in a later time. It is considered a real breakthrough camera due to its some of the extraordinary features.

What are the features of Android 360 Camera?

Due to all the hype in regards to virtual reality (VR), it is definitely a must to have a 360 Camera and enjoy a true VR experience. There are many 360 cameras out there, but when it comes to having excellent features, Android 360 Camera by HypersTech might be a perfect choice. It is designed to be significantly easier to use for anyone, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Some of the salient features of Android 360 Camera are listed below.

  • Lens – When it comes to the lens, it has F2.0, dual 210° fish-eye lens which could help you capture clearer picture and videos.
  • Modes – It has two shooting modes which means it can be used to capture both videos and photos. It might be useful depending on the situation.
  • Resolution – It can capture a video at 30 frames per second or fps with the resolution of 2560*1280.
  • Weight – Lastly, when it comes to this device’s weight, it weighs about 26.5g or 0.9oz.

How to buy Android 360 Camera?

If you are looking to buy a quality camera which can capture your journey in full 360 degrees then you should definitely try Android 360 Camera. You might be surprised and happy that you made the decision to purchase it. The Android 360 Camera can easily be ordered from the manufacturer’s official website.

What are the consumers saying about Android 360 Camera?

Suzanne from New York writes, “I had tried to find many 360 cameras but always some flaw in each product. Then I came to know about Android 360 Camera and I absolutely enjoy using it. No matter where I go, I always carry this camera with me so that I do not miss any moment to capture. It requires little to no effort to capture and fit perfectly to share my best experience with my friends. I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone who just wants to diver into 360 recording of your surroundings.”

Jackie from Arizona says, “After I bought Android 360 Camera, I thought it would not be as easy to use like my smartphone camera. But I was proved wrong after I started using for a few days. I would highly recommend it.”