HL1200 Headlamp Reviews, Specification & Where to Buy?

About the Product:

HL1200 Headlamp has all the features you would want in a powerful headlight. It comes handy when going on a hike when you are out fishing or just camping. It is an extraordinary LED light that can be used for work, around the household, or even outdoors. The product is trusted by police officers, military personnel, firefighters, outdoor enthusiasts, and even hunters.  It can be useful for security purposes, military purposes, roadside safety, hiking, camping, fishing or just being maximum outdoor time.

Specification about the product:

  • Battery box and charger: The product comes with a battery box, which includes a charger too. It uses 18650 rechargeable batteries. This feature is very handy when you need to charge the device before going on long trips.
  • 90-Degree Tilt: The headlight has a fully adjustable angle which makes it convenient to use for an increased range of lighting.
  • Batteries Included: The product comes with two 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries.
  • 1- 2000x Zoom: Another fantastic feature of the headlight is its unusual zoom aspect. You can zoom in any environment to focus on any object.
  • 3-way Adjustable Headband: The headlamp has an adjustable headband that makes it super convenient to use for anyone.
  • Concentrated Convex Lens: The product has a convex lens, which makes it much brighter.

More Features:

There are three modes available in the headlight, which are high, strobe, and medium. The material is of high quality, which makes it more durable. It also has an LED emitter. The headlight has aircraft grade anodized aluminum with a 90-degree tilt. It furthermore has waterproofing, which protects against water while its material protects the light from scratches, impacts, drops, and corrosion.

Price and Order Details:

You can place your order here:

There are many packages to choose from:

  1. One headlamp- Rs. 3545.60
  2. Two headlamp – Rs. 6596.13
  3. Three headlamps- Rs. 9575.02
  4. Five headlamps- Rs. 14,185.22
  5. Ten headlamps- Rs. 26,668.21

There is free shipping on all orders.

Enter your first name, last name, email, phone number, address, city, state, and postal code. Next, enter your bank details to process the order. All the domestic orders will be delivered within 5-7 days via DHL. You will also receive a tracking number on your mail-id. You can also upgrade for faster shipping. The standard ordinary shipping will be free of cost, while expedited shipping will charge Rs. 708.55.

Customer Reviews:

  • User 1: This headlight is very powerful and bright. I use it mainly for work purposes.
  • User 2: I ordered them about two weeks ago, and it arrived fast. I’m pleased with the headlight. It’s worth the price. I have placed an order for my sister too.
  • User 3: My family loves to go on hikes. I have ordered two of these. I saw the headlamp at a friend’s house and loved the features. Ordered them instantly. It works amazingly well — a total must-buy product.

HL1200 HEADLAMP can be used outdoors for hiking and camping purposes. It’s a bright light and sharp features you to carry it with you anywhere you go. It is lightweight and completely waterproof. Its high-quality material makes it durable and long-lasting.