Tactical Pen Knife Ready to Defend You Anywhere, Anytime.

Tactical Pen

1Tac Tactical Pen Overview

The second amendment permits one to carry a gun for self-defense in united states but the second amendment is not valid everywhere in the world. What if you are like me not very keen to own a gun? Should you go without any defense entirely dependent on state machinery? Above all how would the state machinery know that you are under a threat unless you inform them? What if you don’t have that kind of time? Many horrific accidents could have been averted if the victim had some defense instantly available to him/her. The 1tac.com Tactical pen is an answer to all the questions that posted above.  It is that neat device that helps you act in your defense when needed without having to carry a more obvious weapon like a gun, or a knife. It is small compact and delivers the punch with accuracy without having to go through any rigorous training.

What is a tactical pen?

Well, the Tactical pen is a small, discreet device that has a sharp blade along with a blinding flashlight to help you maneuver your way through an emergency situation. It is cloaked in the garb of a usable pen hence it does not scream self-defense in the face.

Why do you need a Tactical Pen by 1Tac.com?

It is such a versatile device that it suits you well whether you are to sign a contract for your profit or you are about to find a way out of some emergency situation for not only yourself but for the benefit of many others.

A few days ago My friends and I had gone to Myrtle Beach, and we came across a big turtle entangled in fisherman’s net closer to the sand. We called for Wildlife rescue, but they would take time to arrive, and the poor thing was in visible pain. I decided to cut the net with my tactical pen knife; many others helped to untangle the turtle. By the time the wildlife rescue arrived the turtle was free for them to take away for evaluation and treatment. The rescuers said that the turtle was in bad shape and probably would have died of stress if we had not helped him. Needless to say that a gun would have been useless here. The tactical pen knife has immense use as a life-saving device. It is considered as the number one weapon for self-defense after a gun. It prepares you for any emergency right from an unwanted situation of attack to accidents. Tactical Pen by 1Tac.com is your multifunctional rescue device.

Features of Tactical Pen by 1Tac.com

Tactical Pen by 1Tac.com made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it has a tungsten steel glass-break tip, a blindingly bright LED light, a stainless steel removable ultra-sharp blade, and a flawless-writing rollerball pen. It has an unbreakable clip that keeps it secured to your pocket or wherever you clip it. It has a diamond threaded nonslip handle which gives you a comfortable snug grip even when held in sweaty or wet hands. It is tiny and fits in a pocket. It can also be carried on a plane without the blade.

Tips for using Tactical Pen by 1Tac.com effectively in an untoward circumstance of an attack

1) Know that you have the power in your hands so be confident.

2) Eyes, nose, ears, armpits, solar plexus, ribs, spine, groin, thighs and knees are some of the reachable body parts.

3) Inflict a wound on any of these parts quickly and successively without giving your attacker a chance to recover.

Conclusion and where to buy it?

Tactical Pen by 1Tac.com is a small life-saving device that will come in handy in situations of emergency. It prepares you to save your and many other lives without a lot of training. It is available here.